1960 NHS Season Statistics

Evansville Courier & Press Newspapers ALL CITY/METRO Selections

last name first pos ht wt class paper note
Madriaga Mike HB 5-5 150 Sr. Courier & Press Both papers
Neumaster Bill OT 6-2 175 Sr. Courier & Press Courier-Captain   Press-Hon Mention
Mominee John HB 5-8 142 Sr. Courier & Press Both papers Honorable Mention
Pfingston Larry OG 5-7 155 Sr. Courier Honorable Mention
Volkman Mike QB 6-0 175 Sr. Press Honorable Mention
Martin Mickey HB 5-8 175 Jr. Press Honorable Mention


1960 Season  
Date  Opponent  Score
Sep. 8  Mt. Vernon Win 52-7
Sep. 15  Evansville Lincoln Win 41-19
Sep. 23  Bloomington Win 20-0
Sep. 30  Evansville Bosse Win 27-7
Oct. 7  Evansville Memorial Win 30-20
Oct. 15  Evansville Mater Dei Win 25-7
Oct. 21  Boonville Win 58-0
Oct. 27  Evansville Reitz Loss 0-34
Nov. 5  Evansville Rex Mundi Win 33-7
Nov. 11  Evansville Central Win 7-0


player first pts TD PAT 1 XPM PAT 2 FG S
Madriaga Mike 90 15 0 0 0 0 0
Mominee John 84 14 0 0 0 0 0
Martin Mickey 40 2 25 15 0 1 0
Lindenschmidt Larry 30 5 0 0 0 0 0
Miller Richard 24 4 0 0 0 0 0
Hasenmeyer John 6 1 0 0 0 0 0
McDaniels Wayne 6 1 0 0 0 0 0
Myers Steve 6 1 0 0 0 0 0
Riley Scott 6 1 0 0 0 0 0
Buente Gerard 1 0 1 0 0 0 0


player first NCAA rtg Att Comp % TD TD/att Yds yd/att Int int/att
Volkman Mike 90.0 83 32 38.6% 5 6.0% 598      7.2 12 14.5%

Individual stats for rushing and receiving are unavailable at this time.

Highlights included: The Evansville newspapers called them names like "Riley's Whiz Kids".  Players had newspaper nicknames like "The Swivel Hip Kid" and "The Rocket" and every sports fan in the city knew they were referring to HB's Mike Madriaga and John Mominee respectively.  They were the two most feared players in any backfield the city had seen in a decade and they were a threat to score from anywhere on the field.

During the 1960 season, Madriaga and Mominee would return three punts 60 yards or more for touchdowns.  The dynamic duo would combine for seven touchdown runs of 35 yards or longer with Mominee's longest coming from 77 yards and Madriaga's best going a yard further at 78.  "The Rocket", however could claim supremacy over "The Swivel Hip Kid" in the reception department with John catching a 55 yard TD to Mike's 40 yard TD haul.

This isn't to say that the supporting cast was without its own capable figures.  Tackle Bill Neumaster, a slim 175 pound tackle who routinely took on and beat larger opponents ended up being named honorary captain of the year-end Sunday Courier & Press All City Team.  Fellow undersized lineman Larry Pfingston had heart and skills that couldn't be measured by the pound.

In the season opener versus Mt. Vernon, things got off to a bit of a rocky start.  The Wildcats had upset heavily favored Boonville the previous week and when they took an early 7-0 lead, the Husky faithful grew nervous.  Fifty-two consecutive points later, the secret was out about Riley's Whiz Kids.  QB Mike Volkman directed two long drives to end the first quarter that wore down the Mt. Vernon defense and set the table for the fireworks in the second quarter.  When DB Mickey Martin picked off the first of five North interceptions and ran it back 50 yards for a score, the lightning began to strike.

Lightning came in the form of HB John Mominee's speedy legs.  Breaking through a small hole at the 36 yard line, he quickly got outside and flew to the end zone for the fourth score.  When DG Larry Pfingston recovered a fumble to give North a short field, Mominee took a pass in the flat, turned up field and turn on the jets to rocket 22 yards for the fifth unanswered touchdown.  The reserves scored two more times in the fourth quarter and the game ended at 52-7.

Few in town thought North could repeat their 336 yard rushing performance in week 2 against a much improved Lincoln team.  Instead of listening to the experts, the Whiz Kids set a school record that stood the test of time.  For forty years, no team came close to the 553 yards rushing that the Huskies ran up that night.  HB Mike Madriaga got things started when he picked up nine yards on a sweep around end.  As he juke stepped past one safety, the defensive back tore the ball loose from Madriaga's arm.  The ball bounced past a second defender, took a high hop, and "The Swivel Hip Kid" caught it in mid air and raced 42 more yards for the first touchdown of the night.

Undersized FB Larry Lindenschmidt (5'7" 153 lb) broke through the middle and galloped 56 yards for the second score.  Madriaga then upped the ante by breaking five tackles on a 42 yard scoring jaunt that the Evansville Courier described as the finest run the city had seen in decades.  HB John Mominee later chimed in with a 51 yard sweep for his first of two touchdowns.  On the night, Madriaga gained 189 yards, Mominee 140, and Lindenschmidt 139 as North won going away 41-19.

The defense excelled in week three as it held Bloomington's Panthers to 46 yards of total offense on the night.  Madriaga recovered a fumble from his defensive back position and ran it in for one score and FB Lindenschmidt provided the fireworks on offense with 132 yards and a score.  HB Mickey Martin would spell the workhorses and produce a dandy 27 yard TD run as well.

Week four saw North extend Bosse's losing streak to eleven consecutive games.  Madriaga, Mominee, and Lindenschmidt all rang up scores again along with fullback Richard Mille and the Huskies pounded out 262 yards on the groundr.  DB Mickey Martin recovered one fumble that led to a score and big DT David Baugh got another fumble as the Huskies put the Bulldogs down three scores early and coasted to a 27-7 win.

North entered the week five match-up with Memorial conscious of the fact that they'd never beaten the Tigers.  There's got to be a first time for everything and QB Mike Volkman made sure that this was North's night.  Going 7 of 8 through the air for 178 yards and three TD's, Volkman pegged HB Mominee for 55 and 42 yard scores.  Mominee also scored on the ground, Madriaga chipped in a TD reception, and Mickey Martin added a 35 yard field goal as the Huskies put down the Tigers 30-20.

Mater Dei entered game six with a game plan designed to clog the line of scrimmage and they overwhelmed the Husky offense.  The offensive juggernaut that had been on display through out the season was held to 81 rushing yards on the night and QB Volkman couldn't get a score through the air.  Under most circumstances, a team would be in dire straits given these set of statistics.  Of course, most teams didn't have the luxury of Mominee and Madriaga.

Having converted its lone successful drive of the night with a Madriaga one yard plunge, the offense counted on the defense to stall the Wildcats' offense as well.  When John Mominee floated back to his 37 yard line to field a second quarter punt it was with North trailing 7 - 6.  63 yards later, Mominee handed the ball back to the referee and gave the Huskies a half time lead of 12 - 7.  

As the game entered the fourth quarter with North still nursing a five point lead, DG Larry Pfingston recovered a fumble on the Wildcat 30 yard line.  Three plays later, Madriaga burst around end for a 23 yard touchdown.  The defense held Mater Dei following the ensuing kickoff and Mominee and Madriaga both dropped back to field the punt.  Mominee fielded the kick and ran to his left.  As the defenders began to catch up with him, he lateraled the ball to Madriaga on a reverse.  "The Swivel Hip Kid" then earned his nickname yet again as he eluded six different would-be tacklers on a run that was straight out of a movie reel.  The 68 yard punt return brought the score to 25-7 and North's record to a perfect 5 - 0.

Boonville's Pioneers never knew what hit them in week seven.  From the 11 play 60 yard opening drive that ended with Madriaga's first of three scores on the night until third string fullback John Hasenmeyer ended the scoring with the ninth touchdown, the onslaught was relentless.  End Gerard Buente caught a 40 yard TD pass for the second score and Mominee ran in a 35 yarder before the second quarter even began.  When FB Lindenschmidt broke out for a 50 yard TD run, Madriaga then matched the feat with a 50 yard punt return for a score.  By the time Madriaga caught a 40 yard TD pass of his own, the game still had one-and-a-half quarters to play and Coach Riley sent in the reserves to finish out a 58 - 0 drubbing.

14,000 people turned out at Reitz Bowl for week eight.  The Panthers entered the game undefeated as well and had outscored their previous six opponents by a score of 220 - 8.  North's numbers at the time were 226 - 53.  For a half the game lived up to its billing as Reitz' only score came on an interception return for a TD and led 7 - 0.   Twice North drove inside the Reitz 10 yard line in the first half and both times came away empty handed.  Reitz came out of the locker room after the break and put up 21 points in the first five and a half minutes of the third quarter and the game was over.  Reitz won the State Championship as well as the SIAC and City titles in 1960 and North would have to settle for runners-up on both accounts.

The thrills continued as the Huskies snapped Rex Mundi's seven game win streak and Mominee and Madriaga combined for five touchdowns.  Madriaga broke through Central's tough defense and outraced the Bears' All-City End on his way to a 78 yard touchdown run and the only score of the game in the season finale.

The 1960 Huskies set the standard by which future North squads would be compared.  Few teams have electrified the city as much as Riley's Whiz Kids and Mike Madriaga was later inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame


player first Att Yds TD Avg
Madriaga Mike   810 11  
Mominee John   660 10  
Lindenschmidt Larry     4  
Miller Richard     3  
Hasenmeyer John     1  
Martin Mickey     1  
McDaniels Wayne     1  
Myers Steve     1  
Riley Scott     1  


player first Rec Yds TD Avg
Mominee John     3  
Madriaga Mike     2  

DEFENSE--2 pts each for solo, cause or recover fumble, sack, int, blk kick; 1 pt each for assist and tackle for loss

No Defensive Statistics are available at this time.